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Embracing the Breath: A Story of Personal Triumph with Somatic Breathwork

I'm Patrishia, and in my journey through life, I wear many hats - a devoted wife, a loving mother, a healer, and a passionate coach in the realm of Somatic Breathwork. Just like many of you, I've navigated my fair share of personal, emotional, and spiritual challenges. My exploration and practice of Somatic Breathwork have been a transformative force, significantly enhancing my mental and physical wellbeing amidst various trials and tribulations. It's a path that has brought me profound insights and healing, and I'm enthusiastic about guiding others along this empowering journey.


The turning point came when a former coach of mine, who had transitioned into a Somatic Breathwork facilitator, invited me to a session. This invitation led me to ponder, "How did I come to discover Somatic Breathwork?" It was a blend of curiosity and a desire to support a former mentor that nudged me towards this path.


That initial session was a revelation. I was introduced to the staggering reality that we take around 25,000 breaths daily, mostly on autopilot. Learning about the profound effects of breathing patterns on our health and wellbeing opened my eyes to a new realm of self-care. It was here that I asked myself, "Why did I make the decision to continue down the path of Somatic Breathwork?" The answer lay in the immediate sense of connection and release I felt during that session.


Embracing Somatic Breathwork, I began to experience a deeper connection with my body, recognizing its wisdom and capacity for healing. The practice illuminated the fact that our bodies not only carry our own experiences but also the echoes of our ancestors' traumas and joys. This realization fostered a deeper sense of understanding and empathy within me.


As I delved deeper into the practice, I often reflected on how it has improved my life and continues to impact it. Clarity, emotional balance, and a newfound sense of freedom were just a few of the many benefits I experienced. Somatic Breathwork became a safe space for me to process emotions, leading to a profound transformation in both my personal and professional life.


Today, Somatic Breathwork is not just a practice for me; it's a vital component of my journey towards self-discovery and healing. It reminds me daily of the incredible resilience and wisdom inherent in our bodies. By embracing this path, I've found a harmonious balance in life, reinforcing the belief that true healing and growth come from within.

By Patrishia Bogan


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