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What our users say

“The app is unmatched

I just wanted to do another quick shoutout to the PersonaFi team and everyone that I follow. This community is absolutely amazing and the app is unmatched. Over the past week, I have seen some amazing call outs and profits. It goes to show the true potential of a community that supports each other.

Steven King

“Excited to diversify the investment portfolio

Couldn't be more excited to diversify the investment portfolio by picking up a SAFE contract or the right to future shares in PersonaFi's startup.

Marisa Marvin

“What an amazing community approach to investing

I signed up for the Facebook group and then got the newsletter, just the profits from the first few trades I made makes the subscription basically free for life. I also have invested in the WeFunder campaign also using profits I have made from trades found on PersonaFi. What an amazing community approach to investing.

Brion Crum