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Did you know the vast majority of retail investors LOSE money in the markets? Let's turn that around. Join the PersonaFi Community in uncovering what our Creators, a.k.a seasoned investors, are trading in real-time. Let's grow together.

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About PersonaFi

Looking out for all you retail investors out there.

WHY we do what we do...

The vast majority of retail investors lose money in stocks, options, and crypto. We're here to change that.


HOW we do what we do...

We formed a collective of seasoned investors (our "Creators") who specialize in different asset classes/strategies. They share their trades, analysis, and connections with all of you.


WHAT we do...

Currently, we focus on 3 things:

  1. Trade Alerts: our Creators send you their trades in real-time.

  2. The PersonaFi Plugour weekly newsletter where the Creators share their current analysis of the markets and what they plan on doing because of it.

  3. PersonaFi Community: Chat with the Creators as well as other like-minded investors in the PersonaFi Community. Share ideas & let's grow together.


Meet the Creators


Ken Mooso

Market Overview & Top News


John Korinko

Stocks/Options, Swing Trade

Kyle Picha.jpg

Kyle Picha

Stocks, Long Term

Jenne Jean.jpg

Jenne Jean

Crypto, Swing Trade



Get Our Trade Alerts

30 days free. Enter your email to get started.