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We are an investment company made up of our Creators, highly specialized investors in stocks, options, and crypto. Their job is to get incredible gains & tell you how they do it, so you can too! Join our community and start receiving the Top Creators' real-time text alerts. Let's grow together.

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Top 3 Creators

Top 3 Creators

Whose trades do you want to follow in real-time?! You can follow all Creators, one, or as many as you'd like. The choice is yours.


To check out all Creators, go here. For more in-depth portfolio performance data, go here.


Selling For Premium


$10,000 example: $10,000 → $17,080

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Brett Jessen


$10,000 example: $10,000 → $16,490


John Korinko


$10,000 example: $10,000 → $11,060

~ 8.0 trade alerts sent/month

Screen Shot 2023-05-27 at 4.11.28 PM.png

~ 3.8 trade alerts sent/month

Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 6.20.11 PM.png

~ 54.8 trade alerts sent/month

Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 6.25.59 PM.png

 *All performance above was last updated on 5/10/2023. For most up-to-date portfolio performances & win rates, go HERE.


About PersonaFi

Looking out for all you retail investors out there.

WHY we do what we do...

The vast majority of retail investors lose money in stocks, options, and crypto. We're here to change that.


HOW we do what we do...

We formed a collective of seasoned investors (our "Creators") who specialize in different asset classes/strategies. They share their real-time trades, analysis, and connections with all of you. You can follow as many Creators as you wish!


WHAT we do...

Currently, we focus on 2 main things:

  1. Trade Alerts: our Creators send you their trades in real-time via text with analysis.

  2. Exclusive Community: Chat with your Creators, stay updated on their trade alerts, and share ideas with their fellow subscribers. Let's grow together.

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Want unlimited free months of trade alerts? Easy! Just get a friend to start our free trial through your link.

You can get as many free months as you'd like. 1 month per friend you refer.

*Only available after you get a 30-day free trial above.

Pricing (that you don't have to pay)

First off, your first 30 days are totally free & no credit card required! Afterwards, you don't have to pay… just refer a friend instead. Learn more here. And for those of you who love buying things, oh we’ve got you covered:

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Get Our Trade Alerts

You can follow all Creators, one, or as many as you'd like. The choice is yours. 30 days free, no credit card needed!

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