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Joe Nicholson | +0.9% | since Oct 25, 2022

Joe Nicholson | +0.9% | since Oct 25, 2022

Crypto day trader. Crypto swing trader.


Meet Joe Nicholson, the go-to guy for all things crypto. With years of experience as an expert trader and investor, he's made a name for himself in the competitive world of cryptocurrency. But it's not all work and no play for Joe - he also enjoys golfing and developing apps in his spare time. So whether you're looking to make smart investment decisions or just want to chat about the latest crypto trends, Joe is your man. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on the valuable insights and expertise he has to offer.

  • $10,000 example: $10,000 → $10,090

    Win Rate = 45% | +0.9% overall since 10.25.2022

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