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Brett Jessen | +2.2% | since Nov 17, 2022

Brett Jessen | +2.2% | since Nov 17, 2022

Crypto day trader.


Meet Brett Jessen, aka Judge Crypt0, the ultimate crypto authority. As a seasoned trader and investor, he knows the ins and outs of the crypto world like the back of his hand. But Brett isn't just all about the trades - when he's not laying down the law in the world of cryptocurrency, he loves spending quality time with his wife and kids. So if you're in need of some expert guidance or just want to chat about the latest crypto happenings, Brett is your go-to guy. Just beware - he may be a softie at home, but when it comes to crypto, he doesn't mess around.

  • $10,000 example: $10,000 → $10,220

    Win Rate = 40% | +2.2% overall since 11/17/2022

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