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From Service to Stocks: John Korinko's Investment Journey

In the world of investing, success stories often begin with a simple, yet pivotal decision. For John Korinko, a former military serviceman, this moment came in 2007 when he started contributing to a 401K with his new employer, a defense contractor. Opting for a fund mirroring the S&P 500, John took his first step into the realm of stock investing, marking the beginning of what would become an extraordinary journey in the financial markets.

John’s initial approach to investing was marked by caution and a recognition of his own knowledge limits. He understood the importance of investing but lacked detailed knowledge about individual companies and macroeconomic trends. This led him to choose a broad-based index, a decision reflecting a thoughtful, if cautious, approach to his newfound interest in finance.

As John’s journey progressed, his curiosity was fueled by the rapid growth of companies like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks. This sparked a realization that he could potentially outperform the market by selectively investing in individual companies. He immersed himself in fundamental analysis, scrutinizing company growth strategies, leadership qualities, financial health, and market valuations. This methodical approach was a significant pivot from his initial strategy and marked the beginning of a deeper engagement with the stock market.

However, this shift was not without challenges. John initially grappled with information overload, a common hurdle for many new investors. He focused his investments in the technology sector, with smaller allocations in other areas like restaurants and industrial stocks. This focus helped him to filter out the noise and identify potentially lucrative investments. By 2014, John had begun investing in individual stocks. Aside from one misstep with KMI, his investments proved to be highly profitable, cementing his interest in single-stock investing and broadening his focus to include options and technical analysis.

Reflecting on his 17-year investment journey, John acknowledges that his passion for investing is rooted in its multifaceted nature. For him, investing is not just about financial gain. It's a study in human behavior, an indicator of technological and industrial trends, and a tool for achieving financial independence and combating inflation.

John’s advice to newcomers in the investment world is unequivocal: start now. He advocates beginning with low-fee, broad-based index funds while gradually learning about individual stock evaluation. He emphasizes the importance of education in the field, recommending authors like Ray Dalio for macro investing, Peter Lynch for stock picking, and Mike Bellafiore for trading insights.

Today, John's investment strategy reflects a blend of experience and adaptability. He focuses on longer-term swing trades, maintaining a strong bias towards technology. He has also diversified into financial and crypto-related stocks, reflecting his belief in their potential for growth. Additionally, a portion of his capital is dedicated to short-term options swing trades, and he maintains exposure to cryptocurrency, signaling his openness to emerging investment avenues.

John Korinko's investment journey is a compelling narrative of transformation, from a cautious beginner to a savvy, well-informed investor. His story is not just about financial success; it's about the relentless pursuit of knowledge, strategic adaptation, and the journey towards financial wisdom. For anyone embarking on their investment journey, John's experience serves as an inspiring blueprint, demonstrating the value of continuous learning and strategic evolution in the dynamic world of stock investing. By Ken Mooso


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