October 16, 2021
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I’m a Subscriba!

This week, I have some good news. I’m officially a subscriber to the PersonaFi newsletter!

Okay, please tell me you read the title in a Beyonce voice! If not, go to YouTube and listen to I’m a survivor by Destiny’s Child. If nothing else, it’s a great song.

Back to our regularly scheduled program. This week, I have some good news. I’m officially a subscriber to the PersonaFi newsletter! In my last post, I spoke about creating streams of income and growing your net worth. Now I want to tell you about some of the features of the PersonaFi newsletter and how you can increase your network.

What are the immediate benefit that I have seen from subscribing? I’m noticing I’m getting smarter with my investment decisions. PersonaFi puts out two newsletters per week loaded with content. The first one on Wednesday night, and the other coming on Sunday, just in time for a busy week of investing ahead.

Here are a few of my favorite features since joining the PersonaFi newsletter

Curated education content - I recently watched a video the PersonaFi team created on Swing Trading. This is not a topic I understand. After watching the video, I clicked on another link in the newsletter that brought me to the Facebook group. There was a thread dedicated to swing trading, and our network of fellow investors continued to educate me.

Market Trends: One trend that all investors love is a bull market! This is when stocks are trending upward, and we expect the stock market to continue to grow. While we can all hope for bull markets, the newsletter will help us navigate any market trends.

Weekly Investment Picks: The PersonaFi team has a group of Ambassadors that lays out their stock picks in each newsletter. I like this feature because I know that I am investing my money in stocks that the experts are also investing in. These weekly plays go in tandem with my favorite part of the newsletter.

Text Alerts! - As I mentioned, I love to know where the PersonaFi experts are investing their money. A concern is, what if they invest in a stock on Wednesday and close the position on Friday before the weekend newsletter comes out? That could potentially mean a loss for my portfolio. I know the team at PersonaFi is as invested in our success as theirs, and as their experts are selling their stock positions, they will text you an update. 

I’m excited to be part of the best investing newsletter around, and I am sure you will be too! Best of all, you get a free two-week trial to see the benefits. Please let me know your thoughts on the newsletter, and I look forward to connecting with you on your journey.

Robert LaMacchia is a content writer for PersonaFi. He is interested in a wide range of topics from personal finance, business strategy and international technology. Follow Robert on the PersonaFi app at @rlamacchia.

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